वेर’s Journey from Ayurvedic Roots to Modern Skincare

Esha Aphale | August 16, 2023 | Life

In a world bustling with complexities, vēr वेर stands as a beacon of simplicity, embodying the timeless wisdom that less is indeed more. Rooted in a steadfast belief that self-care should be both uncomplicated and purposeful, vēr वेर’s skincare solutions offer a harmonious blend of ancient Ayurvedic traditions and modern scientific advancements. At the heart of their ethos lies the conviction that effective self-care rituals, like well-crafted poetry, demand intentionality and presence to resonate deeply within us.

Years ago, a journey of transformative significance began for Sanchaya, which led to the creation of vēr. Set against the backdrop of a family tour to Kerala, an Indian state renowned for its lush landscapes and traditional wisdom, a seed was planted that would eventually blossom into the essence of vēr वेर’s skin care philosophy. In those days, the founder, Sanchaya Soundhar, embarked on a familial exploration that would shape the course of their life. Visiting the picturesque haven of India, they delved into the world of Ayurveda – a holistic system of healing deeply rooted in the wisdom of the ages.

The retreat’s foundations were built upon the pillars of meditation, yoga, and a disciplined diet that was strict and devoid of excess flavors. In the sanctuary of this retreat, the family immersed themselves in weeks of mindful living, disconnected from the digital world, and aligned with the rhythms of nature.

The transformative impact of this Ayurvedic sojourn rippled and Sanchaya, who had long grappled with skin conditions like eczema and acne, witnessed the pivotal role of diet in their well-being. Drawing from the stark contrast between their New Zealand lifestyle and the nourishing environs of India, the realization dawned that holistic wellness was an interplay of practices, not just a patchwork of isolated remedies.

Returning to New Zealand, Sanchaya was struck by the absence of Ayurvedic representation. While yoga had found its place in the cultural lexicon, the deep-rooted traditions of Ayurveda remained unexplored by many. The founder’s own skin sensitivities, coupled with the disparity in environmental conditions, ignited the spark for vēr वेर’s inception.

The journey then took a decisive turn as Sanchaya embarked on a mission to bridge the chasm between time-honored Ayurvedic prescriptions and the modern ways of living. Armed with the knowledge gleaned from the Ayurvedic retreat and a determination to adapt these ancient principles to the New Zealand climate, she embarked on the creation of vēr वेर.

This endeavor was a manifestation of her deep-rooted belief that skincare is an intentional practice – a harmonious marriage between the ethos of Ayurveda and contemporary insights. With a commitment to bring Ayurvedic wisdom to a world that remained largely unaware, vēr वेर sought to craft skincare solutions that could resonate with both the ancient traditions and the evolving expectations of modern consumers.

One cornerstone of vēr वेर’s formulations is squalane, a natural ingredient that mirrors the skin’s sebum. By blending age-old wisdom with modern science, the brand’s products are tailored to the nuances of the New Zealand climate, providing a bridge between the wisdom of Ayurveda and the demands of the present.

Influenced by Ayurveda, vēr वेर embraces the concept of mindful living in a special way. Their skincare routines become more than just habits – they turn into vibrant moments that break the mold of the everyday. Just like an artist who carefully paints each stroke, vēr वेर’s belief in unhurried and artistic living reveals rituals inspired by nature. These rituals are simple, important, and centering. Within this graceful approach, skincare becomes a soft reminder to care for the body that holds our inner self.


Yet, their commitment reaches beyond the sanctity of their creations. vēr वेर embraces a holistic vision of sustainability and ethics, nurturing partnerships with suppliers who share their reverence for the planet. These collaborations, rooted in transparency and environmental stewardship, ensure that their ingredients are responsibly sourced, mindful of their impact on ecosystems and biodiversity. Through conscientious sourcing, vēr वेर stitches an ethical tapestry that weaves the story of responsible practices into each product.

Just a couple of weeks into their newly established business venture, Sanchaya has been diligently engaging in one-on-one interactions. Recognising the significance of building personal connections, particularly within the compact confines of New Zealand’s beauty community, where being a brown woman is a rarity, she has been focusing on local collaborations with makeup artists and skin care enthusiasts. Sanchaya is acutely aware of the challenge of introducing an unconventional presence in the industry, but her motivation stems from her own experiences, nurturing their belief that genuine relationships are the cornerstone of their approach.

In this sphere of conviction, vēr and Sanchaya acknowledge the intricacies of trying to instill a belief system in others. This approach underscores the importance of self-discovery. Amidst a market teeming with options, vēr encourages people to unravel their unique requirements. A stark departure from the usual narrative in the beauty industry, they champion the message of knowing oneself before diving into cosmetic consumption. Their methodology pivots on understanding an individual’s skin type, allergies, and preferences as a preliminary step.

In a world that values both tradition and innovation, vēr वेर stands out with its balanced approach. Their products bring together the wisdom of Ayurveda and modern science, showing their dedication to creating solutions that blend heritage with modern skincare needs. With vēr वेर, taking care of yourself becomes more than just a routine; it’s an invitation to explore the connection between ancient practices and visible results. Just as Ayurveda teaches that healing begins from within, vēr वेर understands that beautiful skin starts with a healthy inner foundation. This brand’s holistic approach centres on nurturing ourselves internally, whether through mindful choices or moments of relaxation.


Words by Esha Aphale.

Images Courtesy of vēr & Shaheen Peer.

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