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Anithya Balachandran | October 10, 2023 | Life

In the realm of contemporary design, where the fusion of heritage and craftsmanship weaves a compelling narrative, the name Gautam Sinha emerges as a luminary guiding the path to elegance and innovation. Over the course of the last decade, Nappa Dori, under the visionary stewardship of its founder and creative director Gautam Sinha, has evolved into an emblem of India’s foremost design excellence.

Within the hallowed halls of Nappa Dori, one discovers more than just luggage, bags, stationery, and accessories; one uncovers a symphony composed of heritage and modernity, where threads of tradition intertwine with the finest threads of contemporary craftsmanship. The brand has meticulously sculpted its identity, creating a resplendent fusion of India’s rich heritage with the precise artistry of today’s world.


At Nappa Dori, patrons find not mere products, but treasures that exude a seamless blend of Indian artistry and global standards

What sets Nappa Dori apart, beyond its artistry, is its resonance. It beckons a unique echelon of individuals, discerning wanderers and adventurers, who carry not just accessories but a statement of their identity. Here, patrons find not mere products, but treasures that exude a seamless blend of Indian artistry and global standards. Indian pride takes form in every offering from the brand with a blend of panache which creates a defining expression with a long lasting impression.

Flagship store of the brand in London

From the bustling streets of Delhi to the vibrant avenues of Mumbai, Nappa Dori has transcended geographical confines to etch its indelible mark in the sphere of design domestically and internationally. However, its odyssey does not cease here; it is a voyage marked by audacious expansion. In 2019, Nappa Dori unfurled its regal banner in Covent Garden, London, and then, in a testament to its indomitable spirit, embarked on a new frontier in the heart of Dubai, UAE. Today, as the clock marks the passage of time, Nappa Dori proudly adorns nine distinct doors across the globe, spanning New Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chandigarh, London, and Dubai.

But the narrative does not halt, for it is one that beckons new horizons. The brand is currently readying itself for a grand debut in the cities of Bengaluru and Pune. This expansion is a testament to unwavering dedication — a dedication to extend the essence of India’s heritage and craftsmanship to hitherto uncharted territories. Svasa Life engages in an insightful dialogue with Sinha to delve into the essence of his brand, traverse his design journey, and uncover the myriad facets that define his creative vision.

AB- Nappa Dori has successfully blended Indian heritage with contemporary craftsmanship. Could you share some insights into how you’ve maintained this unique brand personality over the past decade?

GS- I’d say it’s been a journey of staying true to our roots. It’s an idea we began with and we’ve continued to commit to it over the last decade by consistently creating products that seamlessly blend the vastness of Indian heritage and craftsmanship accented by contemporary design that caters to a global palette. Another key factor that aided us in this journey has been our use of quality materials and attention to detail -a cornerstone of our brand for sure.

AB – Expanding into international markets is a significant achievement. What were the key challenges you faced when opening stores in London and Dubai, and how did you overcome them?

GS – I would attribute our success in the international market to our global palette and design sensibility. While our craft is culturally rooted, our designs represent a diverse audience and that’s what has enabled us to penetrate the global market and carve a niche for ourselves. Talking about challenges, I think the hardest part of taking your brand international is battling the mindset that surrounds the prerequisites to go global. We saw this challenge as an opportunity to explore and our venture into the global market has been a remarkably seamless journey so far! Quite contrary to popular belief, establishing a store overseas is relatively straightforward when approached with the appropriate vision and direction. We are extremely grateful that London and Dubai have been extremely warm and welcoming to our vision!

Nappa Dori’s products are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and practical

AB – With new store openings in Bengaluru and Pune on the horizon, how do you plan to introduce the essence of India’s heritage and craftsmanship to these new audiences while maintaining the brand’s core values?

GS – While the Pune debut is yet to happen, We’re nearing the Bengaluru opening and it’s been a very exciting venture for us! It’s our first time venturing into the south and we are excited to introduce the Dori way of life to this new demographic. Our approach has always been the same, regardless of which part of the country or part of the world we venture into. Maintaining uniformity across all stores is key to establishing a strong connection with our customers and also ensuring that their experience of the store is standard no matter where they go.

AB – Nappa Dori’s journey reflects a timeless legacy of travel and craftsmanship. Can you elaborate on how this legacy continues to inspire your brand’s products and innovations in today’s ever-changing design landscape?

GS – Travel has been a integral part of our design evolution, as I have gained so much know how while exploring other cultures and crafts and incorporating it in our design language, I feel one needs to learn and keep evolving the brand language with time but not dilute the core essence of it by diverting too much towards what we call as “flash trends”.

AB – Could you please elaborate on the craftsmanship and design philosophy that sets your brand apart from others in the industry?

GS – I think what sets us apart is our niche focus on Indian minimalism in contrast to the traditional and ornate school of thought adopted by a majority of Internationally-known Indian brands. Our approach is anchored in the idea of simplicity, sophistication, and functionality. By incorporating these principles into our designs, we create products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and practical; making our products both globally palatable and culturally significant.


Words by Anithya Balachandran.

Images courtesy Nappa Dori.

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