Haute Tech: Diamond to the Left, Circled Right

Tanya Chaturvedi | December 25, 2023 | Wealth

Boundless avenues explored, limitless possibilities on the left.

Fashion brands with the essence of innovative-collaboration have sought after high-end tech accessories lending the edge, to hedge positions of the latest inventive adornments over others. Starting from Hermès’s series 6 Apple watch to Yves Saint Laurent’s Google smart bag, luxury fashion brands have ventured to extend a dimension into smart products, all around us. ‘High-tech luxury’, a niche, has seen a rise alongside the growth of east Asian consumers (recorded), to bout for transparent fashion and functionality. This disparity has borne the opportunity to create a gateway continuum of assorted associations amongst polar fraternities- harmonising purpose and exclusivity.

(L-R) Kaleidoscopic Illuminating Case; ‘On the go’ Case

Louis Vuitton, following their smartwatches, recently introduced Horizon Light Up Earphones, promising ‘Journey into the beat’. Along with savoir-faire performance, the third-generation earphones come glazed in sapphire over the brand’s signature monogrammed flower. Advancing the Christmas spirit, the kaleidoscopic illuminating animation of the backlit LEDs in gradient colours becomes a carol complemented by your laurel. Lightweight travel case housing the earphones adds a starry glamour attached to other personal accessories. The case design is a dive into Maison’s ecosystem, with curved and organic contours dazzled in the brand’s traditional motifs and engraved in the Louis Vuitton’s prominent typeface.

Monogrammed Horizon Light Up Earphones

LV offers an array of timeless shades, including white, black, gold, pink, blue, and red, in both permanent and limited editions. Crafted in collaboration with leading audio experts at Master and Dynamic, the new earphones offer a 28-hour battery life, featuring hybrid active noise cancellation and Bluetooth multipoint. By expanding the boundaries of collusion, a Venn overlap of fashion-forward audiophiles have been indulged in a model manner. An exorbitance of selection as statement pieces to go with, we at Svasa Life, believe that the fashion tech accessories can be imminent in conventions of all quality. Established in travel luxury, the ethos of the brand is not adrift in this thoughtful product conception- travel friendly, compact and dependent are few of the many attributes to identify the earphones with.

The unboxing experience curated by the brand is simile to the play of Russian dolls. Enveloped in the Louis Vuitton archetypal mustard packaging lays extensive user manuals, an exhibition of 5 different sizes of silicone ear tips, an on the go travel case, a case, signature black leather pouch and a stamped off-white linen pouch for safekeeping of additional accessories. The cornerstones of luxury are impeded in the realisation of every avenue of the Horizon Light Up Earphones.

Words by Tanya Chaturvedi.
Image Courtesy Louis Vuitton.

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