KMC*’s Perfumed Mixology: A Fusion of Scents and Spirits

Esha Aphale | September 11, 2023 | Life

Having a drink or a bite of food at KMC* feels like an entirely new olfactory and gastronomic experience, but with a hint of home in it. Situated in Fort, KMC* is a place for people to come together, try new experiences, and form a community in a cosy yet experimental environment. In the spirit of innovation and elevating the usual bar experience, KMC* and their head mixologist, Jishnu AJ, have introduced perfumed mixology to their patrons. Inspired by the act of trying on different perfumes before settling on your signature scent, KMC* offers an unusual manner of choosing your poison for the evening.

This cocktail bar takes inspiration from the world of perfumery, incorporating the expertise of perfumers and the subtleties of scents into its overall sensory experience. With thoughtfully crafted cocktails that evoke memories through their aromas and a keen focus on scent, it enhances the drinking experience to a level where each sip is a delightful blend of flavours and scents that work together seamlessly.

Presented at every table in a wooden form of their logo, an asterisk, KMC*’s perfumed mixology starts even before the cocktail is served. A plethora of clear, mini, perfume bottles with flavours are presented with perfume blotters for a patron to choose from various scents before settling on one they’d like to drink. The idea is for patrons to taste or smell a variety of flavour combinations before settling for the “perfume” that resonates with their taste palate the most.

KMC*’s thoughtful approach to packaging, recognising the purposeful design of laminated paper packaging. This design choice, aimed at gradual flavour absorption and release, emerges as a deliberate effort to circumvent an overpowering initial burst of intensity, ultimately contributing to a more nuanced and sophisticated tasting experience.

KMC*, Fort

Sitting down with Jishnu, the brain behind this innovative experience, he explains that you have the freedom to tailor your beverage to your preferences. Whether you lean towards gin or whisky as your spirit of choice, the various “perfume” flavours can be enjoyed with either. Alternatively, if you prefer a non-alcoholic option, you can savour a mocktail version of the scents. Apart from the presentation of the bottles, the flavours offered are a different kind of delight to taste and experience. Innovative, brave, and down-right experimental, the flavours are inspired and imaginative.

His discerning approach is characterised by the utilisation of a highly selective vapour extraction technique, resulting in cocktails with strikingly robust and intense flavour profiles. This keen attention to detail is exemplified by the deliberate incorporation of a modest quantity of alcohol, a common element in perfumery, artfully employed to prolong the shelf life of their creations. It is evident that this craftsmanship reflects the establishment’s commitment to upholding the integrity of their libations.

The inclusion of mace in cocktails is quite intriguing, as it’s not a common spice in this realm and is more typically associated with dishes like biryanis and javitri. While it may not be a common choice, when paired with gin, mace shows its potential to bring a unique and captivating flavour to cocktails.

The perfume mixology experience

KMC’s commitment to unique flavour profiles goes beyond just their techniques; it’s evident in their choice of ingredients. They incorporate rosemary and sandalwood petals for their rich, floral notes that enhance their drinks. Additionally, their use of jatamansi, a rare ingredient from Himachal Pradesh known in the world of perfumery, adds a touch of sophistication to their cocktails. And sourcing roasted petals from Gujarat, known for their exceptional quality, demonstrates KMC’s dedication to culinary excellence.

At KMC*, they blend 85% dark chocolate sourced from Ooty with high-proof alcohol using a unique process. They also create orange essence through a labour-intensive method, yielding a concentrated aromatic oil. Their innovative combination of truffle and tequila is a notable feature, demonstrating their creative approach. This pairing offers a fresh and refreshing experience with a lasting truffle aftertaste, making it a great choice for those who enjoy tequila.

Chocolate and Orange

Jishnu’s selection of flavour combinations, including curry leaf, cumin, and cardamom, is known for its diverse range. Each combination offers a unique sensory experience, appealing to various tastes. The addition of aniseed (valaiti saunf) and lavender, which bring a floral touch, is a thoughtful inclusion for those who enjoy botanical flavours, adding to the sophistication of KMC*’s offerings.

Inspired by India, different cultures and the world around, he has also created a lager that tastes and smells exactly like a champa flower, found at the iconic Dadar Flower Market. In their upcoming endeavours, KMC* and AJ are planning to involve an Ayurvedic twist to their cocktails, paying homage to India’s heritage while combining it with modern cocktails.

KMC* is more than just a bar or a restaurant; it invites patrons to embark on a sensory journey, blending the familiar with the unexpected, and leaves a lasting impression with its commitment to creativity. As KMC* and its team continue to push the boundaries of mixology, it is sure to remain a destination for those seeking not just a drink but a unique and nuanced experience.

Words by Esha Aphale.
Image courtesy KMC*.

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