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Tanya Chaturvedi | December 24, 2023 | Life

Fabric of multicultural celebration in India is a manifest known to the world. Commending the joyous ardour of respect and celebration, the many shades of Indians, including the spirit of conviviality is reflected through architectonics and benevolence offered during the festive season. Magnifying ‘bada din’ translating into big day, Svasa Life comes together to navigate one of the many intersections that Christmas brings- Gifting. Treading boundaries of curating and seafaring the conscious luxury brands and the diversity of purposes they serve, we decrypt the vast variety available. Ochugen– the art of gift-giving is paramount in many cultures, India’s included. Gifts are an unsung hero, in chartering one’s personal belief and the stories one wants to inform and support, the stories behind brands and their root motivation adds another dimension of value, care and thoughtfulness. Homegrown brands in India can speak to myriads of notions starting from uplifting indigenous crafts communities to advocating for slow living, and with the options available an after thought becomes imperative.

Varsaat by Miya Adam Sangar and Zuma Adam Sangar, BARO Market

To celebrate the artistic fervour this season, BARO market, born as the world outside of just “Interiors” at the iconic BARO store, sits as an option fitting right into the mould. With storytelling at the heart, BARO market embraces the many contributions from artists, craftsmen, and designers spanning across the country. They stand as the spokesperson of heritage revitalisation. Tracing the tangible connections between locally sourced candles, scouting local artisans to the fine flair of fabrics produced, the diverse array of exploration becomes even more joyful.

Paan Earrings, Olio Stories

Rooted in heritage, with discussions on lost stories from South Asia, Olio Stories honours life tales of ancient India, friendship, family, womanhood, and more, offering a rich cultural alternative in gifting. Whimsical themes accounted for, pair well with the festive season. Timeless jewellery that are versatile and easy to wear form an extension of the evolving patrons, as an addendum of personal style rooted in modern luxury dwelling from the past. The fluid nature of the jewellery offered makes it an apparent choice for gifting.

Floral Design Gifting Box, Rezon Luxury Silverware

An advocate of discerning Indian luxury, Kalyani- the ex-VP of Marketing and Communications at Dior offers an exquisite and diverse selection in home products that echo quality and fine craftsmanship encapsulated under the silverware venture, Rezon. Perfect for Christmas gifting, Rezon seamlessly blends the Indian art of metal casting alongside inspired motifs, placed parallel to modern luxury. These luxurious products, reflective of the Christmas spirit, transcend cultural boundaries, making them ideal for diverse recipients. Administering products at par with the global trends, Rezon’s collection embodies the spirit of thoughtfulness.

Shiroi Totem, Ikai Asai

On rounding reflection, Christmas embraces the “child-like” spirit of festivities, and the unique products from Ikai Asai seamlessly blend the festive cheer with the rich craft culture of Indian terrain. Junoon, a vivacious collection by the brand is an ode to India’s fearless, saturated, and renowned Channapatna toy craft. This craft form is an ovation to the city renowned for its traditional toy craftsmanship in Southern India. Each product serves as a testament to the well-rounded research and efforts in keeping the soul of the craft alive in modern interpretation as homeware. Circling to distinct artistry and skills while keeping the plethora of colours and exploration of forms alive, the Junoon collection makes up for a felicitous statement this Christmas.

Saf Basin Candle, Shivan and Narresh 

Imitating Christmas’s vibrant energy and reinventing traditions, Shivan and Narresh, with their designer candles, open doors for a luxury celebration. Their creations embody festive testimony, veiled in opulence, and pay homage to the rich culture associated with luminosity and spirituality. As one embraces the festive season, these luxury candles become more than just a décor element; they transform into exquisite gifts, encapsulating the spirit of celebration and tradition.

Concluding the festive season and approaching year-end, the envelope of slow living, thoughtfulness, luxury of mindful indulgence unfurl upon us. We seize this opportunity to seamlessly intertwine the global spirit of Christmas and carefully inculcate a homegrown touch, adding vibrancy to the vision of modern luxe gifting.

Words by Tanya Chaturvedi.
Featured image Postcard from Victoria and Albert Museum archives.
Artwork courtesy Tanya Chaturvedi

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