Inventive Oasis: the Transformative Retreat

Tanya Chaturvedi | May 14, 2024 | Life

Woven between a commune, a philosophy, and an agential symbiosis, what sits atop is Amaya, a stimulus for creative practices.

Svasa Life and Amaya have joined hands to put forward a Creators’ Retreat where our creators can reconnect with nature, themselves, and the simplicity of life, offering them a serene environment that promotes slowing down and rediscovering intended to further their practices. This partnership aims to provide a unique experience in harmony with nature, bringing balance and tranquility to those seeking an escape from the chaos of a city life.

(L-R) Reema Maya, Kunaal Gubaxni, and Santanu Hazarika

Diversifying the experience are our curation of creators- Kunaal Gubaxni, Reema Sengupta, and Santanu Hazarika. Looking at the trailblazing talents from the Indian subcontinent, Kunaal Gubaxni and his exceptional skills have made a name for him by captivating audiences at exclusive clubs, high-profile concerts, and myriads of colleges. He has shared the stage with globally renowned artists such as Steve Aoki, Marshmello, and Wiz Khalifa, showcasing an unparalleled ability to blend genres like trap, dubstep, hip hop, and desi music. As a visionary creator with performative storytelling at heart, his infectious energy on stage continues to redefine the industry, making him a sought-after figure in the world of luxury entertainment. Joining the mix, a distinguished filmmaker– Reema Sengupta, known to many as Reema Maya is renowned for her diverse commercials, music videos, and socially conscious independent films. A two-time Sundance Film Festival nominee, her 2018 short film, Counterfeit Kunkoo, made waves as the first Indian fiction short nominated in 16 years. The film has since graced 120+ international film festivals, garnering 40 awards and recognition from prestigious platforms like Criterion, Mubi, and Nowness. Adding a new dimension, a multidisciplinary visual artist and illustrator based in Mumbai, Santanu Hazarika, is renowned for his distinctive doodle art, Hazarika gained recognition as the Best Doodle Artist at the 2014 Red Bull Doodle Art Competition. Since then, he has worked on numerous independent projects for high-profile clients, including Harper’s, hip-hop artists Raftaar and Divine, Ritviz, and Metropolis Asia, among others. As a versatile artist, Hazarika continues to push the boundaries of his craft, making him a sought-after talent in the industry.

Prolific storytellers in multimedia, creating a rounded base for sound avenues, art, and filmmaking-direction, our creators will come together to touch and reflect on their existing independent practices, feeding and navigating common themes while sharing their unique experiences and learning. Flowing through to the otherside looking at many alternative inspiration systems, is an experience of this season’s incomparable, at the retreat with the three creators.

Deepak Gupta, Founder- Amaya.

Setting ablaze the narrative is an inductive roundtable that will spotlight the future of storytelling, moderated by Deepak Gupta, founder Amaya. With a career spanning over 30 years of global experience in the commodities industry, Deepak has held leadership roles at organisations such as Cargill, Andre and Cie, and ITC Global Holdings, managing multi-billion dollar operations across Asia. Deepak’s career highlights include serving as the Business Unit Leader of Cargill’s Agricultural Commodities group in Singapore. In 2016, he shifted his focus to personal passion projects, including the establishment of an integrated dairy farm in rural India and the co-founding of Amaya, a boutique resort in the Himalayas that seamlessly integrates architecture, design, and sustainable living principles. With new and modern embarkings rooted in heritage, Gupta emerges as a parallel storyteller imbibing experiences and a proficient learning curve.

Pool view and Architecture Design at Amaya.

Positioned as an abode for stimulation, this retreat will look at an immersing experience through Darwa village walk, experiences of sustainable food practices, an alternate thinking system with ample breathable windows, and a round table discussion. In collaboration, we extend the retreat avenue to engage with like-minded individuals. Reserve your spot today for an unforgettable experience at this extraordinary abode of inspiration and transformation.

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