Saints of Haute Cornucopia

Tanya Chaturvedi | February 11, 2024 | Life

Testament to the multiplicity of humanic-literature celebrated in India, ahead of February 14, an Indian buyer does the spadework with the promise of worldly commemoration. Known and celebrated cross-globe, Valentines day pans into a seven-day preeminence resonant to the Roman festival of ‘Lupercalia’, looking inwards at fertility, delving into a holistic celebration of care.

Rooting from roman pagan stories to tales of catholic significance– marking martyrs of at least three different saints named Valentine or Valentinus, the conception context of the festival comes from varied sources. One popular and accepted story around the theme is of an allegation, a defiance of Emperor Claudius II who believed that men without familial tuber made better soldiers. Saint Valentine wed couples in private, flouting the Claudian-mandate, settling into his inky fate. While stories from capricious sources are widely accepted, closer to today are Shakespearian records of letters written and exchanged with lovers and family. The Victorian-era sculpted what we now know as Valentine’s day, the introduction of penny post (athhanni ki dāak) revolutionised the translating media. Introduction of cheap postal services made possible a wider outreach of popularising the idea of ‘declaration of love’.

Stretched as a decentralised concept with rounding keywords- love, declaration, access and evolution, Svasa Life curates an umbrella roundup of non-conformity and fluid gifting pieces to celebrate ‘divulgence of adoration made possible via access mail’, popularly knowns as Valentine’s day.

(L-R) Lancôme Idôle by Lancôme Beauty; Ombres d’Hermès by Hermès

Lancôme Idôle speaks to the future of fragrances. An idea resounded with correspondences and future, doubles up as an under-thought behind careful gifting. The French luxury-house introduces a clean and nomadic fragrance. Positioned by the brand as a ‘feminine scent’ the sustainably harvested roses, used to create thin notes of the perfume, re-introduce roses of a new era, we believe this opens up alternate holistic market placements where investment decisions solely rely on brand value and the merits earned. The conscious sourcing of raw materials alongside providing added research helping grow and enhance this scent’s natural freshness and luminosity, without forced sweetness makes it an ever-rounded gifting option minded by preferences. Lancôme, founded in 1935 is preceded with years of excellence and recognition as a fragrance house, which derives its name from forest of Lancosme, in France. The epicenity of the fragrance is established with the commitment of the brand for a sophisticated touch.

Evoluting, alternating, and affirmative changes in the social system of Indian society have opened doors for an exponential acceptance and celebration of fluidity. This empowerment of self and others is echoed and commemorated with a rise in self expression for which art abode and self, become a primary media of communication. Makeup, an extension of fashion, is popularly phrased as ‘expression of self’. The luxury market is fierce at identifying the growing market and has made available the ‘new luxury’ to the buyer-wodge in India. Ombres d’Hermès, Eye shadow quartet by Hermès is a Bauhaus inspired contrivance of Pierre Hardy, where each quartet is formed from graduating hues in a trio with a fourth pop of colour. The brand’s androgynous positioning of the product with excerpts from-Creative director of Hermès Beauty, Gregoris Pyrpylis, revealing his eye make-up gestures with Ombres d’Hermès, makes it an ever-orbited gifting option rooted in thought and ideas of empowerment and comfort with hints of improbability offered from the provenance of luxury.

(L-R) Memisis-24, Chamar Studios and Thukral and Tagra; Reine de Naples 8925 Breguet Watch

‘Memisis-24’, a collaborative bag collection by Chamar Studios and Thukral and Tagra are bags conceived as an extension of a recent series of works, Arboretum, a contemplation on communities of trees. The metaphor remains foundational to us as a commentary on the diversity and personal uniqueness of the social fabric’s extension. A commitment with every bag laced in distinct and exclusive design, ensuring that your accessory is a masterpiece that stands out from the rest. The artists duo aims to visualise the data as part of their creative endeavour on canvases forming pixels. Limitless possibilities branching from the seed of thought are reflective of the identities and this makes memisis a form fitting alternative to gifting. Prevailing in colours of expression and care-yellow and pink, the hue chart is additive of the functionality the bags provide with androgynous gracility.

‘The Red of Sacred Hearts’ also Reine de Naples 8925 by Breguet and conversations around are predestined. Choicest androgynous population indulges into the boldness and dichotomy offered by the colour. In colour theory red is often synonymous with traits of boldness, fierceness and love, together. Breguet encapsulates the various attributes and launched a Valentines day limited edition watch. Its white mother-of-pearl dial is surrounded by a flange featuring 66 hand-set rubies. The bezel is paved with diamonds and the crown features a ruby cabochon. A gracious genesis into a red strapped and oval dialled truss is Breguet’s contribution to the contemporary consumer of today. Extending the meaning of love with annexure of frugality and options in elements of design, enlarges the patron perspective forming a confidence instilling gifting article. Breguet’s name is sonorous to a centuries old legacy making it a select and curated gifting choice that ten folds as wise investment tokens.

Diamanté Crest Brooch by Shantanu and Nikhil

A diamanté crest brooch, intricately hand crafted under Shantunu and Nikhil’s banner creates a juxtaposition of metallic crest and new-age spunk. At par with the young yielding shift that’s recorded in the consumer market, the unisex alternative for prudent gifting is a baritone of relevance. Feathered in metallic coins and smaller gemstones, this accessory can be tuned to the notes of power-fusion dressing. Seconding the many brooches from the collection options open up, many folds. Delineating the vintage vibrancy with glee of modern India, the statement accessories are mirrored towards the new-age fabric that wishes to remodel its own identity of perseverance and love.

Concluding the fast approaching amorous season of February, we scout for you timeless pieces from the changing scapes of luxury to compare with the new pulsating generation.

Words by Tanya Chaturvedi.
Illustrations by Tanya Chaturvedi.
Featured image Lupercalia Pagan Festival of Valentines Day.

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