Lost Fragrance of Infinity: Exploring Contemporary Indian Art

Esha Aphale | September 21, 2023 | Art

Nestled in the peaceful lanes of Mazgaon, Space 118 stands as a haven for artists and enthusiasts in search of creative nourishment. With an atmosphere of eager anticipation, Space 118 unveiled its much-awaited annual Fundraiser exhibition, under the title “Lost Fragrance of Infinity.” The event seamlessly brought together a diverse group of twenty-two contemporary Indian artists, including names like Amjum Rizve, Anikesa Dhing, Anushree Rabadia, and others, pooling their imaginative prowess.

The showcased artworks in “Lost Fragrance of Infinity” invited viewers to embark on a journey, encouraging them to explore the intricate creative processes artists undergo while interpreting the ever-evolving global landscape. The exhibition’s chosen title, which aligns with Moin Mir’s esteemed book, added an extra layer of intellectual engagement for visitors. This interconnection not only sparked curiosity but also initiated an exploration into the limitless realms of artistic expression and literary contemplation.

Artists in view: Balasaheb Chaudhari, Jyoti Prakash Sethi, MD Samim Alam Beg, Anushree Rabadia, Krishnal Fulwala, Anikesa Dhing, Dhiraj Pednekar, Starlyn D’souza.

The exhibition’s themes were woven with thought-provoking concepts that aroused insatiable curiosity. Ranging from existential musings to artwork that probed societal ethics, delved into ecological complexities, and captured the enigmatic nature of reality, the show resonated with the aesthetic, social, and political concerns of its time. “Lost Fragrance of Infinity” stood as a poignant reflection of the era’s zeitgeist, underscoring the enduring relevance of these concerns through contemporary artworks.

Visitors found themselves captivated by the evocative pieces, each resonating with a timeless essence that echoed the present moment. The intricate brushwork, meticulous sculptures, and captivating installations formed an artistic narrative that transcended temporal constraints, enabling viewers to deeply engage with the art and its depicted world.

Artists in view: Deepak Kumar, MD Samim Alam Beg, Dhiraj Pednekar

During the global pandemic that affected the world in 2020 and the subsequent lockdowns, physical studio spaces were no longer accessible. Beyond just displaying final artworks, the lack of in-person interactions and group discussions in studios left a gap in students’ experiences. In these exceptional times, Space 118 took pride in standing alongside students and artists from across the country, maintaining its mission of nurturing a supportive artistic environment. Notably, the organization held in-person fundraisers, offering a platform for skilled artists who hadn’t yet found an opportunity to showcase their creative work.

The value of a physical exhibition surpasses its visual impact; it becomes a way to express our reactions to the extraordinary circumstances of our time. It demonstrates our ability to adapt, learn, and flourish despite challenges. This resilience is evident in the inventive artworks produced by students, even with limited resources. Notably, the proceeds from the exhibition were divided equally: half went directly to the artists, while the other half contributed to the Space118 Fine Arts Grant.

In the realm of contemporary Indian art, “Lost Fragrance of Infinity” emerged as a milestone, inviting all to journey through the intricate emotions, thoughts, and inspirations shaping the modern creative landscape. Within the esteemed halls of Space118, this exhibition not only celebrated the artists’ talents but also prompted contemplation of the multifaceted dimensions of our world through the intricate lens of artistic expression.

Words by Esha Aphale.
Image courtesy Space118 and Anil Rane.

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