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Esha Aphale | January 6, 2024 | Art

Art is a testament to the boundless and timeless creativity of the human spirit; it is a diverse and profound expression of emotions, ideas, and perspectives that transcend cultural boundaries and speak to the shared human experience. Art is ubiquitous, a force that enriches human existence and connects people through the universal language of creativity. At Svasa Life, art and artists play a pivotal role in shaping societies, challenging norms, and fostering empathy. Svasa Life presents a curated selection of artists set to make waves in 2024 and beyond. This round-up showcases diverse creative talents, ready to captivate audiences with their innovative expressions and reshape artistic conversations in the coming year.

(L-R) Anam Husain; Pocket full of flowers by Anam Husain 

Anam Husain, an apparel designer, started her journey at the Jaipur Literature Fest in 2021. Her ethically-produced pieces speak for themselves and her conscious focus is on sustainability. While most of her inspirations arise from deep-rooted memories, nostalgic moments and collectables, nature is a huge source of inspiration for her. “My creative universe is earthy, metallic, and raw,” says Anam. Her prints are a play on traditional Indian motifs, and take weeks to make and create a one-of-a-kind piece every time. Her art pieces are created in a manner that goes beyond owning and viewing; by creating wearable art, Anam is including the wearer in the piece of art she has created and making them a mouthpiece for her designs.

(L-R) Pranoy Sarkar; Pranoy Sarkar for Shanti Banaras 

Pranoy Sarkar, a versatile artist who serves as both a photographer and a creative director, immerses himself in the captivating realm of meticulous calculation and thoughtful creation. Intrigued by the process of constructing narratives, Sarkar embarks on a journey of conceptualisation, dreaming, and sketching before considering execution. His methodical approach involves detailed planning, from scouting locations to selecting models, and occasionally integrating collages into his projects. Whether the ideas are grounded in the possible or venture into the realm of the impossible, Sarkar sketches them out with a meticulous eye. Remarkably process-oriented, he remains unfazed by the initial outcomes, focusing instead on a relentless pursuit of perfection. In post-production, Sarkar diligently scrutinises his work, identifying flaws and tirelessly endeavours to enhance and refine his creations to the best of his abilities.

(L-R) Isha Pimpalkhare; Gush by Isha Pimpalkhare 

Isha Pimpalkhare, a versatile mixed media designer and artist, positions her creative practice at the intersection of art and design, emphasising the development of emotive and immersive tactile environments. In the contemporary era dominated by multitasking, Isha’s work serves as a deliberate departure from the established norms. She seeks to establish a sense of familiarity within the stillness of her kinetic pieces, encouraging the audience to engage with the material experience on a profound level. In a world where interactions with everyday objects often become forgettable, Isha strives to infuse these connections with dynamism and meaning. A perusal of her Instagram page reveals a soothing ambience through pastels and deliberate slow-motion content. Isha aims to prompt viewers to appreciate each piece independently, detached from any preconceived notions, allowing the mind to form authentic associations with her work.

(L-R) Tanya Mehta; Escape by Tanya Mehta 

Based in Bengaluru, Tanya Mehta is a new media artist who has gained recognition both nationally and internationally. Mehta specialises in new mixed media, employing techniques such as collage and digital painting to transform everyday objects into alternate realities. Her artistic pursuits extend to fine art printmaking, where she collaborates with modern technologies, including code, animation, lenticular prints, and animated light boxes, to infuse her creations with movement and dynamism. Mehta’s work delves into the interstices between various constructs of knowledge – philosophy, art, science, and the metaphysical – constructing bridges in conceptual gaps between the same. Intending to guide the audience across these bridges, she seeks to lead them towards a singular reality or truth that transcends individual perspectives. Throughout her artistic exploration, Mehta emphasises the pivotal role of imagination in this journey.

(L-R) Kira Issar; Work captioned ‘some call this prayer, I call it watch your mouth- Ocean Vuong’ by Kira Issar

Hailing from Delhi, and currently based in London, Kira Issar emerges as an exceptional image maker whose artistic narrative transcends conventional boundaries. Her body of work revolves around the nuanced themes of silence, violence, the intricate interplay between human and non-human nature, and an eco-feminist vision that permeates each frame. To categorise her as a mere photographer would be an understatement; Kira’s creations are arresting, distinctive, and compel contemplation. Leveraging her expertise in photography and digital art, she employs these mediums to delve into and shed light on pressing societal issues. As the creative landscape continually evolves, Issar stands out amidst the crowd, even with a substantial online following, offering content that remains refreshingly unpredictable. Her areas of passion span from animal liberation and environmentalism to intersectional feminism, Surrealist art, and fashion, reflecting a multifaceted approach to her craft.

(L-R) Prachi Sharma; Prachi Sharma for Jaipur Rugs

A visual enchantress, Prachi Sharma embarked on her artistic journey post-schooling, and the enchanting city of Jaipur became her canvas during frequent photo walks. Her passion ignited as her lens found a way to transmute the ordinary into the extraordinary, captivating the senses of those who beheld her work. Within a remarkably short span, her photographic prowess garnered international recognition, landing her features in prestigious magazines. This pivotal moment marked the realisation that she had discovered her true calling. Sharma draws inspiration from the world around her, finding creative fuel in the women she encounters, the marvels of nature, and the serendipitous moments that cross her path. Photography, for Prachi, is not merely a profession but an indispensable lifeline, breathing vitality into her existence.

This diverse curation of artists from Svasa Life contributes to the rich tapestry of the art world, each bringing a unique voice and perspective to the forefront of the creative conversation in 2024 and beyond.

Words by Esha Aphale.
Image collages by Tanya Chaturvedi.
Image & artwork courtesy Anam Husain, Pranoy Sakar, Isha Pimpalkhare, Tanya Mehta, Kira Issar, Prachi Sharma.

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