The Art of Resurgence: Kwadwo A. Asiedu’s Celebration of Nature

Shrey Sethi | April 13, 2023 | Art

“Well, with my priorities in order, a typical day in the studio starts off with a ginger and cinnamon coffee, suitably accompanied by my all-day-everydaycurated playlist. As I sip, I sit for a while with the piece I am working on reviewing, and reflecting on what has been done thus far, also checking if there are any areas I need to amend and make note of it. Then, with paint mixed and brushes at the ready, it’s time to begin.

Kwadwo A. Asiedu

Kwadwo A. Asiedu (KAA), is an up-and-coming self taught artist based in Nigeria, West Africa. Born in Mexico in 1987, KAA’s passion for art stems from his love for the natural world. 

Inspired by nature, and with it at the core of his practice, his endeavour seeks to embark on the resurgence of the romanticism era and his pieces are a celebration of the richness and natural beauty of the living world, often incorporating a refined colour palette, intricate brush strokes, and bold forms that emerge from the several layers within each artwork.


60in X 40in | Acrylic on Canvas | 2022


During my recent conversation with KAA, he states that he feels a degree of self-imposed duty to delve further into his practice’s possibilities of complimenting an artistic intervention – essentially stimulating new ways of how we interact with the natural world. As he feels, the separation of humans from nature inevitably does harm to both and believes that art is a powerful tool for changing people’s mindsets with the hope that his work will inspire others to see the living environment in a new light.

In addition to his art, KAA is also an advocate of socio-environmental change and uses his platform to raise awareness about contemporary environmental concerns affecting the world at large.

Granular Ambivalence

24in X 36in | Acrylic on Canvas | 2022

When asked whether there are any artworks based on his personal history, KAA reflects that while his works are not directly about himself, they are greatly influenced by his upbringing and appreciation of the natural world. From the age of four to thirty, KAA spent a lot of time in the midst of nature. He grew up in an agriculture institute, and his playground was a rainforest close by. He credits his family for shaping his perspective and embedding a deep appreciation and love for the living environment and that time in his life had a significant impact on his education and career, inspiring him to study geography in high school and pursue a master’s degree in environmental management.

He recalls spending weekends as a child riding his mountain bike through forest trails, fascinated by the plants, trees, and insects that surrounded him. This childlike fascination with the natural world has always been a part of him, and it has naturally found its way into his artistic practice.

Ebb of Agou

24in X 36in | Acrylic on Canvas | 2022

Speaking of his technique, KAA puts forward a simple yet very effective observation — “I recall watching Stephen King and George R.R. Martin talk, and someone in the audience had asked them how does one become a successful writer. Simply paraphrasing,  they had emphasised, ‘Put your behind in the chair’. A sentiment equally shared in a coined catchphrase by rapper Lil Wayne, ‘Repetition is the father of learning’. Applied to my practice, I have found the best way to refine my technique is to paint’ – daily if possible.


24in X 36in | Acrylic on Canvas | 2022

“Although, there is a caveat to how I have progressed. As a self-taught artist, there has been a plethora of trials and errors; needless to say, one other mindset that has helped is to view yourself, the practitioner, as a trouble-shooter/problem solver. For example, when I wanted to paint trees and I realised I wasnt satisfied with how they would come out, I would take that element in isolation, assess what I wanted to attain, and micromanage the how through study and practice until what is rendered is up to satisfaction. Then compound those attainments, of attempting to master different elements, and before you know it, you’ve got works of art. The key, Ive found, is to be patient with yourself and your practising, but stay adamant and determined in your resilience. Again, I reiterate, ‘Repetition is the father of learning’.”

Harrow at Dawn

63.5in X 47.5in | Acrylic on Canvas | 2022

KAA’s practice remains centred on the intricacy of the wide array of the Earth’s varying ecosystems, so that we can subjectively experience the sublimity of the living world, whilst relinquishing our bind overnature as a subservient commodity. He explores elements of conservation and the living worlds experience with aspects of climate change, habitat loss and endangerment of species, as well as the wonder and joy from ones immersion into experiencing different biodiversities. 

“Further, my endeavour seeks to embark on the resurgence of the romanticism era, so that I may communicate the environment in a way that it may be seen in a new light, heard empathetically, and with it – the promise of subsequent change.”


Words by Shrey Sethi.

Photographs and Artworks courtesy of Kwadwo A. Asiedu.

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